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Peter Harry Rogers DFC

161 (Indep) Recce Flt 11 Nov 68 - 05 Nov 69

  Second Lieutenant Peter Harry Dickson Rogers enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 25 July 1966. He subsequently graduated from Officer Training Unit and completed helicopter training at the 1st Aviation Regiment. He arrived in South Vietnam on 12 November 1968.

On 7 June 1969, Second Lieutenant Rogers carried out an aerial reconnaissance of a village under enemy ground attack. Observing a number of enemy occupying a bunker system he directed armed helicopters and ground troops onto the position resulting in the capture of two enemy. Twice during the day he returned to the area and directed armed helicopters and ground troops until darkness precluded further air reconnaissance. Throughout the day, Second Lieutenant Rogers operated his aircraft at low altitudes continually exposing himself to the enemy and being engaged by ground fire on a number of occasions.

On 15 July 1969, Second Lieutenant Rogers was marking an enemy base camp in the mountains for an airstrike. Whilst operating at tree top height his aircraft was hit in the cockpit and fuel tank. Until the airstrike was effective he remained in the area marking the target, exposing himself to further fire. Although the aircraft was extensively damaged with some of the flying controls severed, he landed the aircraft safely at base.

On 2 August 1969, Second Lieutenant Rogers was called upon to mark an airstrike for troops in contact. Although the friendly troops were being heavily engaged with small arms and rocket propelled grenade fire, he conducted a ten minute reconnaissance at tree top height to locate the enemy position thus repeatedly exposing himself to ground fire.

On each occasion, Second Lieutenant Rogers displayed a high degree of flying skill, determination and courage. His complete disregard for his own safety in bringing these actions to a successful conclusion was an inspiration to the members of his unit.

* Text of citation has been copied from the original recommendation for " Honours & Awards" dated 18 August  1969.

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