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Phillip Norman Stevens DSM MID

161 (Indep) Recce Flt 07 Oct 68 - 09 May 69 

  Second Lieutenant Phillip Stevens enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 2 February 1966. He subsequently graduated from the Officer Training Unit, and completed helicopter pilot training at 1st Aviation Regiment. He arrived in South Vietnam on 9 October 1968.

On 13 March 1969, Second Lieutenant Stevens, whilst flying a helicopter on a reconnaissance mission, located an occupied enemy bunker position. He called in a light fire team of armed helicopters, and in spite of enemy small arms fire, marked the target until his supply of smoke was exhausted and the fire team's ammunition was expended. The engagement resulted in one enemy being killed and four others probably killed.

On 21 April 1969, Second Lieutenant Stevens located another bunker system and several groups of enemy. He again indicated the target with smoke for a fire team and an air strike. Throughout the engagement he continued to observe the enemy movement and indicated fresh targets for the strike aircraft. The bunkers were extensively damaged.

On 4 May 1969, Second Lieutenant Stevens sighted ten enemy on a track. Flying low over the enemy he dropped a smoke marker for the fire team, and his aircraft was engaged with small arms fire. The fire team could not observe the mark, and Second Lieutenant Stevens immediately returned to the enemy position, marking it a second time. After this engagement he located another group of enemy and directed the fire team once more, with unknown results.

On each occasion Second Lieutenant Stevens displayed a high degree of skill, determination and courage. He continued disregard for his own safety and resolute maintenance of contact with the enemy while maintaining a high degree of flying skill were a constant inspiration to the flight.

* Text of citation has been copied from the book "Vietnam Veterans Honours & Awards Army"      

 by Alexander M. Palmer.

Please Note:

On 3rd June 1998, a Vietnam “End of War List” was announced by the Australian Government , in that “End of War List” Phil Stevens was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

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